During decades, the high fashion has been characterized to represent the higher ideals of aesthetic beauty, following rigorous productive schemes with the most demanding standards of quality and preparation, that has turned to this the most quoted and desired branch of the industrial sector in one of the global economy.

Fashion has been associated from its beginnings to social groups with high spending power and remarkable educational levels. The gift that Paris gave (and that continues giving) to the entire world in its catwalks and dedicated weeks to this sector, jams editorials, illustrated reports and innumerable periodic publication pages of tendencies, like thus also the events and creators of New York, Milano, London and other international capitals.

Also, the entailment of fashion to the traditional arts and its gradual legitimization on the part of world-wide the artistic institucionality, more and more elevate the quota of these goods of luxury and desire to acquire them. The designers have mixed themselves with artists and the present textile creation more and more leaves its mere commercial and iconographic character to happen to transform into objects of contemplation and artistic value of innumerable theoretical readings.

But this magical convergence is at the doors of its own apocalypse and the great designers violently remove their hair trying to look for a solution to the disaster that is fast approaching. The globalization of our present socio-historical displacement and the electronic mass media, already shot years ago the possibilities of being within reach of these goods just by “click”, and the world-wide economic powers (the United States and Europe) gradually
are being removed by the discreet Asian continent whose spending power is allowing to them to accede luxury in all its forms and variants.

The conglomerates of fashion have installed their showrooms and stores in Tokyo, Beijing, Honk Kong and Singapur, whose number it widely surpasses the presence of these companies in very same Paris and New York, the cities where the majority has been founded.

Until the year 2009 that will stop. In Asia two hundred million people will exist whose income will allow them to accede in fashion of luxury of easy and instantaneous form. On the one hand the possibilities of incrementation of capital that the fashion world amasses are gigantic, but by another one, the world of the fashion will have to evaluate if they will be able to continue producing their designs in the same way artisticly and exclusively. Will the designers be able to continue maintaining such standards of quality in their creations with that titanic demand? The great companies will have to be very astute to maintain their seal of exclusivity and not to happen to become mere industries of massive consumption. The fashion world is before great a problematic one and only the short time will say to us if they will be able to remain with the same philosophy whereupon these houses long ago were created.

Placed upon this rug of Dantesque panorama, is worth the trouble from already turning around the eyes towards the young independent designers, who will be those that without a doubt, will transform into the future guardians of the luxury and mentors of the exclusive feature.

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